Friday, February 19, 2021


CPHI China Pharma Holdings, Inc. gains 41% Feb 19, 2021

China Pharma Holdings, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and markets generic and branded pharmaceutical, and biochemical products to hospitals and private retailers in the People's Republic of China. It offers products in the form of dry powder injectables, liquid injectables, tablets, capsules, oral solutions, and granules. The company's products are used for the treatment of central nervous system and cerebral-cardiovascular, anti-infection and respiratory, and digestive and other diseases. Its products include Cerebroprotein Hydroloysate injection to treat memory decline and attention deficit; Gastrodin injection for tiredness, loss of concentration, poor sleep, and traumatic syndromes of the brain; Propylgallate and Ozagrel Sodium to treat cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease, and surgery-thrombus deep phlebitis; and Alginic Sodium Diester injection for ischemic heart, cerebrovascular, and lipoprotein blood diseases. The company also provides Bumetanide to treat edema diseases; Candesartan for hypertension; Roxithromycin dispersible tablets for pharyngitis and tonsillitis; Cefaclor dispersible tablets for tympanitis, lower respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infections, and skin/skin tissue infection; Anhydroandrographolide for ischemic heart, cerebrovascular, and lipoprotein blood diseases; and Clarithromycin granules and capsules. In addition, it offers Naproxen Sodium and PseudophedrineHydrochlorida Sustained Release tablets that provide relief from cold, sinus, and flu symptoms; Gull Wood extract syrup; Hepatocyte growth-promoting factor; Tiopronin; Compound Ammonium Glycyrrhetate S; Omeparzole; Vitamin B6; and Granisetron Hydrochloride injection. The company offers its products through distributors, as well as through its network of 16 sales offices and approximately 1,000 sales representatives. China Pharma Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in Haikou, the People's Republic of China.

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