Tuesday, November 7, 2017


FAS Financial Bull 3X Direxion gains 19% Nov 7, 2017

FARO Technologies Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and supports software driven, three-dimensional (3D) measurement, imaging, and realization systems for manufacturing, industrial, architecture, surveying, building information modeling, construction, public safety, cultural heritage, and other applications. The company offers FaroArm, a combination of six or seven-axis, articulated measurement arm, a computer, and CAM2 software programs; and FARO Laser ScanArm, a FaroArm equipped with a hard probe and non-contact laser line probe to measure products without touching them, as well as offers a seven-axis contact/non-contact measurement device with an integrated laser scanner. It also provides FARO Gage, a combination of an articulated arm device with a computer and software; FARO Laser Tracker that combines a portable laser measurement tool, a computer, and CAM2 software programs; FARO Cobalt Array Imager, a metrology-grade structured light imager; FARO Tracer, which projects a laser line onto a surface or object; and FARO Focus laser scanner to measure and collect a cloud of data points. In addition, the company offers FARO Scanner Freestyle3DX, a handheld scanner that documents rooms, structures, and objects in 3D, as well as creates high-definition point clouds; and FARO Software, a proprietary CAD (computer-aided design)-based measurement and laser scanner software. Further, it provides CAM2 Measure 10 to complete measurement jobs; CAM2 Smartinspect, a CAM2 solution for measuring geometry and building dimensions; BuildIT, a CAD-to-part inspection software; FARO SCENE software to deliver a scan processing solution; FARO Public Safety Forensics software for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and loss control engineers; and PointSense software products that enable the use of real world objects in CAD applications. The company sells its products worldwide. FARO Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida.

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